RESPAWN Recap | October 19, 2021

Welcome back to another Respawn Recap! This week we are talking Atlanta Reign roster moves, DarkZero Breast Cancer Awareness fundraising, and Houston Outlaws roster changes. As always scroll to the bottom of the article for a nifty TL;DR, and always make sure to keep that posture perfect!

The Atlanta Reign released Edison, Ir1s, and Masaa as they begin to prep for the next season of the Overwatch League. Meanwhile, the Houston Outlaws re-sign JunkBuck, Danteh, and Piggy while releasing Happy, Dreamer, and Crimzo. Rostermania is always a fun and exciting season, and we are sure that those released will find a new home soon!

XSET finished 5th-8th in the RLCS Fall NA Regional Event 1 last weekend with a game 7 loss to Version1. Great performance by the squad who just came up a tad short. XSET PUBG team finished in third place in this past weekend’s super weekend. Continuing their busy week in news, XSET announced StreamJ a collection of Twitch-friendly music that will help you avoid a DMCA notice.

Ghost Gaming finished 9th-11th after going 2-3 in the Swiss Stage and losing round 5 0-3 to G2 Esports in the Rocket League Fall NA Regional Event 1.

DarkZero announced their Valorant #GoingPink Tournament to raise awareness for breast cancer. The winner will take home $2,500 on October 22nd. If you love women’s valorant this is a must-watch event!

The Florida Mayhem announced their #MayhemFallClassic presented by Zaxbys. The Overwatch event takes place on the 23rd and eight of the best teams in the West have a chance to win $5,000!

TL;DR: The Atlanta Reign and Houston Outlaws made roster changes, Florida Mayhem announced a tournament, Ghost Gaming, and XSET had promising runs in RL but fell short of a victory, XSET PUBGM are looking good much like their DMCA friendly playlists, and DarkZero is raising awareness for breast cancer with a woman Valorant tournament!